• Ross is just an amazing, amazing SEO guy. He's worked with our own company, and so many designers that I know in the luxury interior design market. He's been a great asset to our community. He's come in and helped our members of the design community. He's the nicest guy you will ever meet, and you can totally trust Ross to do your website and to do your SEO.

  • I dabbled with a couple of different search engine optimization providers and got burned pretty badly on three separate occasions. Finally, and with great trepidation, I was introduced to Ross Dunn from StepForth, and all of my nervousness began to dissipate the more I spoke with him. He clearly is a guy who knows exactly what he's doing, and his company is very professional.

  • He really understands SEO and internet marketing. He's been abreast of what's going on. He follows the trends and everything, and he's really had his finger on the pulse since the beginning. He predates me on this Internet marketing thing and he's still there, so that's expertise and authority as far as I'm concerned.

    He really is an honest guy, has a tremendous amount of integrity.

  • Ross Dunn is always helpful, always ready to take questions. His work ethic is strong and constant. He is remarkably talented. But most of all, he is a breeze to work with. He listens well and provides superb solutions. He’s got a great personality which makes him always approachable. I highly recommend Ross Dunn.

  • I've worked for a few other people and now have my own company, and I've always called on Ross and his StepForth Web Marketing team if we need help or if a client needs help or advice... Ross has always been there to offer that key support and help us connect the clients where they need to be connected

  • He’s an expert in SEO and had some great insight for me. I know this time of year many of us are re-evaluating how we attract clients, thought I’d share about someone right in our group that can be hired to help you navigate the crazy world of SEO.

  • After listening to Ross on his SEO 101 Podcast, it became very clear that he was the real deal; a truly informed and experienced web marketer that I could trust with my business.

  • Ross is a pillar in the SEO world, a real OG

  • I worked for and with Ross for six years at the beginning of my career. Ross remains one of the fairest, most level-headed, kindest, and most open people I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. I think I'm a good person but I know I'm a better person for having known Ross Dunn.

  • First and foremost, Ross is a pleasure to work with. He is personable and fun and holds himself to a high standard of integrity.
    Secondly, Ross knows his stuff. SEO, internet marketing and the world of Google are his forte, and he has endless ideas about how to make them work for your business.

    Maggie Megenbir

  • Ross is a respected authority on Search optimization and I would never think twice in recommending him to anyone looking for real and meaningful advice on SEO. I consider him one of my mentors and his guidance during our earlier years was fundamental to where my company is right now. I have nothing but the highest respect for him as an SEO and as a person.

  • Ross is one of the oldest and most respected SEOs in the industry. He's been offering solid advice and working with clients since back before most people had even heard of SEO.

  • Ross is a extremely knowledgeable internet marketing professional and is as solid and trusted an individual as they come. In all my dealings with Ross, I have been nothing but impressed, each and every time!

  • Ross is fantastic! He has a brilliant mind for business and strategy but is still humble and willing to learn. He is a team player and a great member of the internet marketing community!

  • I receive dozens of email messages purporting to give me the real deal on SEO. Fortunately, I know the real deal and it's Ross Dunn at StepForth Web Marketing. He knows how to get the right job done right, and he can save any client money because web work won't have to be redone.

    Dr. Rey Carr †

  • Not only did Time Inc. and myself benefit great deal from Ross' SEO practices, but Ross and crew turned out to be great educators as well - giving a number of folks at Time a good knowledge in how to "catch fish" rather than just eat a meal or two.

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